36″ A Day: Day 17

Just a quick update today: I’m having computer troubles and am running a bit late….

Today I played with the 4 little panels I had shown you yesterday.
They are 3×4″, so I thought when I do 3 I’m right on track for my 36″…;-))
Tried some embedding and incising, but did not like it. In the end I transferred the images of 4 birds I have photographed and printed off on my laser jet printer:

image tranfer: birds

To transfer a printed image always use laser prints or prints from the copy shop; ink jet prints make a big mess!
Start with several layers of wax, a bit warm to the touch and place your image face-down on the wax surface. Burnish vigorously with a spoon, then add some water on top: more burnishing. You can now by gentle rubbing peel off the paper and you’re left with the image.
Give the final piece a light fuse to seal the ink in the wax.

I also worked on a sumi-e drawing from some poppies and another imprint with the maple leaves. This time a bit bigger.
Both paintings seem too busy for me. What do you think??


Maple leaves

That’s it for today!
Talk to you tomorrow,



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2 Responses to “36″ A Day: Day 17”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    I like the poppies, but the find the blue in
    the leaf painting over powers the leaves.
    I do the like the red of the leaves. That’s
    just my humble opinion.

  2. Chris Says:

    Not too busy for my tastes Thea! Keep ’em coming, very much enjoying seeing your work every night! Love how your bird panels turned out! Chris

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