36″ A Day: Day 15

Although I went down to the studio quite late today I think I got a good days work done.
The plan was to continue with the technique of two days ago, the image with the seagull on the stony shore.
This technique is called indirect tissue transfer and goes as follows:
Take some Kleenex and dibble several colours on it in separate blobs. If you want you can overlap the colours a bit. On a white painting card place the tissue where you want the colour and use the tip and side of the iron to press the wax onto the card. Lift quickly otherwise your tissue will get stuck!
When you’re all done you can smudge the wax a bit with your fingers to get some colour around the image.
I did two images, one inspired by a decorative rooster who was sitting in my window sill.

The second was another seagull:

May 15, 2

A couple of days ago I prepared some larger wooden panels with 3 coats of wax. They were waiting for another of my sumi-e drawings.
After adhering the drawing I rubbed some red-brown pan pastel colour on the image, then added a layer of medium. The background tones were also done with the pan pastels, indigo, moss green and yellow.
I quite like it now!

May 15, 3

My last two are experiments with opaque and transparent wax.
On 8×8 wooden panels I put 3 coats of clear wax, then 3 bands of thick opaque colour.
These were fused. Then I added one diluted transparent colour over all three bands and got some great optical colour mixing.
More fusing to break up the top layer and reveal the pure colour underneath.
The effects are hard to control but great fun to do!

May 15, 4

May 15, 5

All in all quite a productive day and I also signed up for Alyson Stanfield’s Blast-Off online class: a 4 week program to set goals for your art career. Now I’ve got all those paintings I thought I’d better start marketing them…;-))

Enjoy your weekend and talk to you tomorrow.



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2 Responses to “36″ A Day: Day 15”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi Thea, your rooster is wonderful! When you say you “added a layer of medium”, what is the medium? and when you say “fused”, is that with a torch or heat gun? Sorry to be so ignorant! Love what you have been showing us! Thanks! Chris

  2. encausticcanada Says:

    Hi Chris, glad you like the little fellow!
    The wooden panels are done a bit differently. I do not use the iron much, but have my waxes sitting on a heated palette and apply with brushes.
    After every layer I have to fuse/reheat the top layer to get a good connection with the layer underneath. (If I would use an iron to apply the wax I am fusing at the same time.)
    Medium is beeswax with damar resin (ratio about 8 : 1), or the clear wax blocks from Arts Encaustic, which have a different formula.
    I do start my panels with pure beeswax, because it is a bit cheaper than medium.

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