36″ A Day: Day 14

Today was a bit out of the ordinary: I did spend several hours in the studio, but it was not my own studio. My old friend Barb Younger had invited me to come and paint with her, in acrylics….gasp!!
Anybody who paints in Encaustic knows that the two media are really very incompatible, but Barb is a brilliant painter, she has AFCA status with the Federation of Canadian Artists and a chance to learn from her was just too good to pass up.
Btw: Bard does not have a website (she does not even own a computer-because it would cut too much into her painting time, I bet!), but you can find some of her paintings here, here and my favourite one is this one.

So here I was, all set up with paints, brushes, a blank canvas and some containers with water!

Acrylic adventure

Of course I did not make a masterpiece, but Barb shared her working method with me, which I definitely can transfer to my Encaustic work.

Back in my own studio I had barely an hour left before dinner, so just did a small landscape on a  6×6 piece of white painting card, mostly set up with the iron and finished with the stylus drawing tip. For reference I used a picture I took while staying in California for the IEA retreat last year.

May 14, 1

Hopefully I have more time to play with wax tomorrow!

Talk to you then,



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One Response to “36″ A Day: Day 14”

  1. Chris Says:

    Love the road and hills Thea! Thanks for all your work on these daily creations and showing us! Chris

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