36″ A Day: Day 12

Wednesdays are “Featured Member on the Ning Encaustic Network” days. Every week I pick an artist who caught my eye during the past week and he/she gets to be in the spotlight, with a direct link from the Main Page.
If you’re not a member yet, you can check it out here: http://encausticart.ning.com/
As a guest you can see the first page, but to go further you have to sign up.

Today I explored layering and embedding.
On a 6×6″ piece of mat board I started with one coat of medium and some very light colours.
Then two more layers of medium.
With permanent ink I stamped some numbers on fine tissue paper. I choose 3’s and 6’s to make up 36: the theme for my challenge. The figures were torn out and place on the board, coated with medium and fused with the embossing tool. Do not use your propane torch for this for it might set the fine papers on fire!
This process was repeated several times, with layers of medium between the numbers. I think I have at least 10 layers of wax there…you cannot see it from the scan, but the shine is phenomenal!

Two days ago I had great fun with the maple leaves, so I stole a couple more from the neighbour’s tree and had another go:

May 12, 2

May 12, 3

After today’s session I had to tidy up my studio, so the chimney cleaning guy had enough space to fix our fireplace tomorrow.

It will be great to mess it up again after he’s done…;-))

Talk to you tomorrow,



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