36″ A Day, Day 11

This morning I switched on the iron, hotplate and crock pot and was all geared up for another painting session. Just quickly wanted to pack a small order of one iron, sending it to Alberta.
For some reason I decided to open the box to look at the iron and got a real shock: it did not have a plug!! After frantically checking all 60 irons I got in recently it turned out that 50 of them were “plug-less”…
Needless to say that my focus shifted from creating to trouble-shooting!

A few phone calls later I was back on track:

The plan was to use stamps today.
For my first image I stamped with permanent ink (Stazon black) on a white painting card (4×9″) and let it dry. Then I ironed a thin layer of clear wax over the image, followed by some light brown/yellow mixture. To balance the image the dabbing technique was used with indigo blue.
With the side of the iron I made a border all around.

May 11, 1

The second image was done on 6×6 yellow card. Starting with the same indigo blue I painted a horizon and some foreground. Then I loaded one of my rubber stamps with indigo wax and stamped the trees on the horizon line.
You have to have your card on the upturned iron to release the wax.

The image was stamped a few times on top of each other for more interest and I reloaded the stamp with red violet wax.

All the rest of the image was also done with the stamp, holding it in different positions, sometimes just using the crown of the tree, or just the trunk.
With the card still on the upturned iron I took a piece of Kleenex and wiped wax off under the trees to create a lake.
The river/path was done with the tip of the iron and the little flowers were scratched out in the cold wax with a sharp instrument.

The last image is on a gold 6×6 card. I stamped one of my favourite tree stamps with Stazon and again added indigo, but much less this time, as I wanted to see more of the gold background.

May 11, 3

The foreground was dabbed with light green metallic wax.
Unfortunately the scanner does not really do it justice. It really glows in real life and the green is not so glaring.

No bigger paintings today…;-(

I really want to explore the maple leaf theme a bit more, but I only had time to coat a couple of wooden panels with clear wax and white.
They will have to wait till tomorrow!

Talk to you then,



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2 Responses to “36″ A Day, Day 11”

  1. Chris Says:

    Awe, dear to my heart, rubber stamping! Love these 3 cards Thea! Thanks so much for creating these beauties! Chris

  2. Linda Swales Says:

    Your favourite stamps are becoming my favourite. I really like what
    happens on the gold paper.
    These are all lovely images, Thea.

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