36″ A Day: Day 9

I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day!
My mother’s day present to myself was almost a full day in the studio; now I do not have loads to show for it, for I was mainly playing around, testing ideas, but here goes:

Close Encounter

This was done on a 6×6 wooden panel.
I primed with three layers of clear wax and a layer of white wax. Then I wanted to do an image transfer of some grasses. Well, I had forgotten that the photocopy I used was from my inkjet printer, so I ended up with a big messy smear. (You can only transfer colour from a laser print).

On the same sheet I had another image of three palm? trees, which I had taken while in San Jose last year during the IEA Retreat. Now transferring was not working, so I coated the image with wax and collage it in.
In the next step I added several layers of different colours around the image and lightly heated the wax. Then I pressed a woodblock stamp in it to achieve some very deep texture. You can see it at some of the edges.
The image was standing out a bit too much, so I coated that with another layer of medium.

I also did another crow, again on the 6×6 wooden panel.

As I said, lots of playing around today, scraping and tweaking of bigger panels with the tulips, bamboo and grapes.
The changes in the tulip and bamboo paintings are quite subtle, but here is one that really got a facelift!

It went from this:

…via this:

To this:

Now I see it on the screen I notice the almost straight line of the grapes at the right hand side.
I’m going to change that tomorrow! And the drips could be a bit larger…
It really helps to take a picture of your work, or look at it in a mirror. All of a sudden things jump out at you. Try it!

Talk to you tomorrow,



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