36″ A Day: Day 6

Today I went to Kelowna to teach a small workshop in the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre. From where I live it’s about an hour’s drive along beautiful Okanagan Lake. The weather was gorgeous and the scenery spectacular. What a blessing to live in Canada!

A stop at my favourite art store OPUS resulted in a carload full of reduced frames and a parking ticket! I had spent too long in the store…;-)

So today I was not in the studio, but I’ll share with you the two demo pieces I did for the girls:
This bunch of tulips in a vase was done with the iron on a green/blue background. For the vase I used the same technique as painting candles.

The second one is a small landscape, inspired by the scenery I saw this morning. Sorry, the colours are a bit pale and I now notice some smudges…;-(

Talk to you tomorrow, when I hope to be able to finish the two larger pieces I worked on yesterday.

All best,



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One Response to “36″ A Day: Day 6”

  1. Chris Says:

    Love these Thea, esp. the tulips!!!!! Great colours! Thanks lots! So sorry that you got a parking ticket! Wahhhhh!!!! Chris

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