Featured artist on Ning: John Vandebrooke

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday,

we are getting some much needed rain here and I hope that the weather in your end of the woods suits you as well!

This week’s featured artist is John Vandebrooke. He is one of the greatest experimenters I know and he explains much of how he goes about his images. Visit his gallery or go to his website.
He is a teacher, who travels all over the States and also sells supplies. On YouTube you will find an impressive list of videos he took with Expert Village; you will need a whole day to see them all!
We’ve never met, but I did know of him long before he signed up to the Ning site.

Speaking of Ning site: I got a very disturbing notice yesterday that Ning will start charging for their networks as of July 1!
Now I must admit that I am reluctant to shell out big dollars to keep the network running…It would cost me almost CAD50.00 per month, with the added feature of being able to upload videos! The lesser version is still $20/month.

I really think it is outrageous the way they are playing it; getting everyone excited about networking and then point the gun….But still: what are we going to do? Close the place down or would you be willing to pay a small fee, of say $5.00/year, to keep the network going?
Please let me know your thoughts.

On a more positive note: I’ve started my challenge May 1 on painting a small painting every day and I do end up with bigger pieces as well.

Happy painting and talk to you next week!


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