36″ A Day: Day 5

I really enjoyed working on the crow yesterday, so decided to take another shot at it.
Again I started with a 6×6 piece of mat board and coated it with clear beeswax. Then I added a couple of light colours with the iron and blended them a bit.

The bird was roughly drawn into the wax with a pencil and I laid down a light blue first, to be able to scrape back to it.
For the “black” I mixed the three primary colours yellow, blue and red (nrs. 9, 42 and 44) in a metal tin on the hotplate and painted the main shape again. I fiddled a bit with the stylus for the beak and some small details. A bit more light blue + blending for the highlights.

I did not really finish a bigger project, but made good headway on two 12×12 panels.
This is one of them and there are several things which need work: undefined (wisteria or grapes, sic!), dominant dark lines at the bottom, purple spots are almost same size.
I like the top bit though, but will add a bit more white in the right hand corner.

Talk to you tomorrow,

all best,



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