36″ A Day, Day 4

Today I was in the studio before 9 AM! I don’t think that has ever happened before…

I decided to work with tissue paper on a piece of 6×6 mat board. The board was coated with plain beeswax, then I scrunched up some art tissue paper and unfolded it partly. This was put on the mat board with more plain wax on top.
With the iron I added some colour. This was going to be my background.

tissue background

On my trip to the coast I had stopped at Manning Park and taken some pictures of the big crows that were scavenging around the resort.
With the help of a cut-out template I transferred one of them to the background and played with more colour on top. It was quite finicky, but here he is:

"Bring it on!"

This took me much longer than the images in the three previous days, but I still had some time to play with the propane torch on a 12×12 wooden panel, just layering and fusing, until I liked the result:

Lost in the Garden

It was hard to photograph this one, as it is so shiny. It looks a bit different in real life!

Talk to you tomorrow,

all best,



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One Response to “36″ A Day, Day 4”

  1. Linda Swales Says:

    What wonderful pictures!
    I really liked the background even before the crow,
    but great picture it turned out to be with the crow.
    I also like the effect you get with the propane torch.
    Well don!!!

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