36″ A Day: Day 2

although I did not switch on my hotplate instead of my computer this morning (I had to write the May Newsletter!), I still got some Encaustic work done today.

Lilac treeThis time I felt inspired by the blooming lilac tree in our garden. The tree is huge, but because our dining room window is on the second floor we look right on all the flowers.

Again I did three different images, all 6×6″ on white card and I used the technique of painting trees upside down and adding foliage with heat-resistant sponges.

Here are the May 2 paintings:

On white painting card, 6×6″.
I made a wiped background on the upturned iron and loaded my iron to paint the tree trunks. Blossoms were done with the orange heat-resistant sponge.

Here the background was painted with the iron. I added a few white spots with the drawing tip of the stylus

With this one I went wild with the dabbing technique.
Let’s just say it’s a close-up!

I’m not quite sure about the time it took me. I started fooling around with other projects on my table and quite lost track of the time…;-)

Talk to you tomorrow,

all best,


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One Response to “36″ A Day: Day 2”

  1. Chris Says:

    Beautiful Lilac paintings Thea! So colourful! Chris

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