36″ A Day”: Day 1

OK, this is it!
Day 1 of my month-long painting project: painting a 36″ painting every day.

It got off to a rather difficult start, for I had to attend an almost 5 hour (!) Strata meeting, so I could not get to my waxes until 5 PM. But what I had expected happened: of course I could not do just one small painting – I kept trying out more stuff as the iron was hot anyhow…;-)

For the first day I decided to go with a very familiar subject: bamboo.
Sumi-e meets Wax
This was my inspiration piece:
One of my old Japanese sumi-e drawings, embedded in wax.

I did three different images, one on white card, one on cream and one on black, using the heat-resistant sponges on the upturned iron.

You can view the basic tutorial.

Here are the May 1 paintings:

Day 1, 1
On white painting card, 6×6″.
You can see a very faint ghost image in the background where I wiped out the first image.

The second one is on the cream-coloured card (6×6″) and the strokes are getting more confident!

The last one is on a 4×9″ black card. I scanned it, but it is not a great image; the real thing is much nicer!

All in all it took me about one hour.

Talk to you tomorrow,

all best,


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