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36″ A Day: Day 31

May 31, 2010

YEAH, I did it! 31 days in May and I painted every single day! I honestly did not cheat and show you an old painting I did on another day…;-)

This morning I lined them all up, the small ones on paper and the wooden panel ones. This is how it looked:

May small paintings

May panels

There are 81 paintings altogether…82, if I count the second Poppy one, which is not in the picture. I donated it already to the art gallery.

And this is number 83, which I did today. I only had about an hour; could have fiddled with it longer, but sometimes deadlines are a good thing…;-)

May 31, 1
Yes, it’s me! The colours are real hard on my scanner and I don’t think I got a very good liking (my nose is not THAT big!), but it was fun to do and I’m happy with it.
Especially as I had already packed all my regular paint supplies for my trip to Riondel tomorrow and had to make do with an old iron and a stylus with a blunt tip instead of a pointed one!
Basic shapes were done with the iron, then some scratching and stylus work.

So, this is the end of it…or is it??
For me it is a beginning: a beginning to realize that I can achieve what I set my mind to, that I can make time for painting.
I learned that there was much which I did not know: Not until you do it, do you know what you don’t know…;-)

And honestly: I could not have done it without you! The fact that I had promised to write daily  what I had done and about 40 people were expecting a report, was a great motivation. Thanks for your very welcome feedback and encouragement.
Perhaps you’d like to do something similar at one point. Let me know, so I can support you!

Signing off now…..

With warmest regards and many thanks,

a very happy



36″ A Day: Day 30

May 30, 2010

Only one more day in the month of May! Where did the time go?!

Yesterday my husband remarked that the sunflower image was kind of cheating; and of course he was right. It was really more a technique piece (and a quick one at that…).

So today I decided to paint the same image on a 6×6 wooden panel.
The panel was primed with 3 layers of clear wax and a coat of white. Then I brushed on some green and the light yellow-brown for the flower centre. The petals were first painted with a brush and then reworked with the drawing tip of the stylus.

May 30, 1

Before I started the sunflower I prepared a 16×16 wooden panel for the next challenge: the RipOff project. 10 local artists are ripping off Lawren Harris this year. We choose his Mount Lefroy.
In the three previous years we stole from Van Gogh, Klimt and O’Keeffe. (More info on the project in my June newsletter).

I transferred the drawing, using carbon paper on the primed board. The original painting is not quite square, so I will eventually paint around the edges to get the whole image.

Mount Lefroy

One more day….

Talk to you tomorrow,


36″ A Day: Day 29

May 29, 2010

A sunny/rainy Saturday here in the Okanagan today! One moment it’s fine, and then the wet stuff comes down again. At least it’s not white stuff, like they had in Alberta…;-)

I pottered about in the studio, getting all my supplies ready for the workshops I’m taking after the Encaustic Conference in Montserrat. But I did switch on the iron as well and made a fun little image which would be a good project for a birthday or thank you card:

It’s on 6×6″ white painting card, which I coated with some clear wax. Then I embedded the sunflower (torn from a paper napkin) with more wax and floated some golden yellow wax over it.
With a petal-shaped cauteria on the stylus I created a border with dark green.
In the middle of the flower I added specks of colour, which I enhanced with the gold powder, but you can hardly see it:

May 29, 1

Yesterday I had started a bigger panel, embedded another of my bamboo sumi-e drawings.
I added a bit of texture and colour, but am not quite sure if I should scrape most off again…
Your feedback will be appreciated…;-))

May 29, 2

Two more days….

Talk to you tomorrow,


36″ A Day: Day 28

May 28, 2010

Thanks for sticking with me until now! We’ve almost made it…
The coming three days will be challenging, with me having to prepare for several trips and deadlines for two newsletters.
Being in the studio also means I have to take care of signing, framing, cataloging etc., or else I will “drown” in paintings, which are all over the place. Especially the wooden panels take up massive space.

framing stuff

A bit more hot air work today. This time on a letter size cream coloured painting card. I started without clear wax, but had to add some later in the process, while the wax was not moving enough. After I was happy with my colours I scratched back to the yellow card to form shapes of leaves and flowers:

May 28, 1
This is with back light, placing the image against the window.

May 28, 1B
And here it is while laying on the table. Quite different, isn’t it?

I played a bit with a larger panel 14×14, adding layer upon layer of wax and then used the scraper to dig back into the wax. I really like this effect. As I was working a human figure appeared, holding a circular shape and trailing one from her hair (?). Something to pursue further, I think.
The colours are much richer in person: it was getting dark outside!

May 28, 2
Talk to you tomorrow,


36″ A Day: Day 27

May 27, 2010

Controlling wax with hot air is not as easy as it seems! I have not figured out all the do’s and don’ts, so more experimentation is in order.
One thing is clear: choose your colours well, so you don’t end up with mud…

Here is one painting I’m quite pleased with. It’s about letter sized.
For me it brings to mind a group of worshipers…what do you see?? Any suggestion for a compelling title?

May 27, 1
Just to have some fun I decided on a small bamboo painting. Everyone should know by now that I love doing bamboo!
This is done on 6×6″ black card, covered with a mauve colour wax. It almost looks like a negative.

May 27, 2

I spent some time painting edges of earlier paintings again and attaching hanging wires.
Have to get my submission for the art auction to our local gallery before I head out for the Kootenays to teach next week.

Talk to you tomorrow,


36″ A Day: Day 26

May 26, 2010

Well, today was not a good day for painting! I don’t mean the weather was not agreeable; it was more that my muse had taken a day off after working overtime for 25 days…;-)

So I messed around, wasting wax and getting frustrated. As a last resort I started painting the edges black of other paintings that were waiting for a final treatment. That did not involve a lot of creativity!

But I did owe you (and myself!) a painting, so in desperation I painted the view from my studio window. I’m looking out onto Skaha Lake, lots of trees and shrubs, some mist on the mountains.
I painted on a 6×6″ piece of mat board with brushes, iron + stylus.
It’s not a masterpiece, but it did give me an idea for a bigger painting, so not all is lost!

May 26, 1
This morning I helped Angie McIntosh to hang a show in Leir House of the group of seniors she paints with regularly.
These so-called Sandbridge painters have been meeting to paint for almost 15 years, usually from October until May.  Most of the group had never painted before they began to work in watercolours in their senior years.  They have flourished and have learned many techniques.   Angie has been working with the group since 2006 and has found them to be a source of motivation, inspiration, and friendship.
These busy artists produce lovely works that range from florals to landscapes, and animals to cottages.  This spring show will highlight some of their favourite works.

Here is Angie, with a painting which depicts the Leir House and on the mantle you can see a little sculpture  of the same building!

Angie at Leir

The opening is tomorrow evening, 7 PM at Leir and the show is up until mid June.
If you’re in the area, please come in for a chat during opening night!

Talk to you tomorrow,

36″ A Day, Day 25

May 25, 2010

Yesterday I had fun with the hotair blowing wax around and today I have tried to control the process a bit more. It really is a fine art!
One of the ladies who is going to take my Riondel workshop next week asked about the technique and I thought I’d better practice a bit more…;-)
You want to mount your painting card with painters tape on a piece of cardboard or backing board, so that it is rigid and you can pan the liquid wax around.

I did two images. The first one in white and blues is on black painting card and I did not use the metallic powder.

May 25, 1

The second one is on 6×6 white card, using magenta, yellow mixer and a little bit of blue.
Here I did add gold powder towards the end:

May 25, 2
There was no time to work on a bigger project today, but I did finish the edges of two paintings I had done before. Even remembered to sign them…now they only need a wire and an info sheet on the back and they are ready to go.
Still have to write 5 invoices tonight, so I’d better stop!

Talk to you tomorrow,

36″ A Day: Day 24

May 24, 2010

Today’s mini newsletter might end up being a micro one, as I spent most of the day outside, taking a Meadowlark Festival tour and visiting our Twin Lakes property to do some work there.
So not much work in the studio…
Two hotair images done on painting card. First coat card with clear wax, then dribble on colours and blow with the heat gun or embossing gun. While wax is liquid, sprinkle some magic powder on and blow some more.
The first one looks a bit like an iris, don’t you think??

May 24, 1

May 24, 2

One more sumi-e / wax project on a 10×10 wooden panel: iron work on top of embedded sumi-e drawing.
Proposed title: Secrets of the Garden (please share your ideas with me; I’m not very good at titles…)
Talk to you tomorrow,


36″ A Day: Day 23

May 23, 2010

just a very short blast today: it’s already 9 PM! I got distracted working on my brand-new art marketing website…It’s not finished, but I will give you an exclusive peek.
I’d love to get your feedback.

Today I took a section of one of my photos from a lily in our garden and printed it off. Then layered the photo into beeswax on a piece of mat board and started painting on top of it with the stylus.
After I was finished I coated the image with a layer of medium, so the surface is very smooth now, no stylus marks!
It was great fun to do, but took me quite long. I added some shapes to the border with the iron.

May 23, 1
And I did another poppies painting for the art auction. This is a mirror image of the one I showed before. It is a bit smaller, 12×12 instead of 14×14″.
My husband came up with a good title: ENCORE!
poppies art auction
Talk to you tomorrow,


36″ A Day: Day 22

May 22, 2010

Today was the first day of the May long weekend here in Canada. It’s considered as the unofficial beginning of the summer season.
Well, it’s still quite cold here, but the tourists are already flocking into town. And yesterday’s opening at the Penticton Art Gallery was packed!

With the weather not quite so nice I was in the studio for a couple of hours and played with an old favourite technique: drumming in colours into an absorbent surface, in this case mat board:
basically you load your iron and hold it at an angle to the support. Then quasi bulldoze the wax across. I’ll make a tutorial sometime (don’t hold your breath…!), but the technique is also described in Michael Bossom’s Project Book. I did several ones.
This one came out the best:

May 22, 2
Then I did another crow, partly transferred, partly painted.
He still needs some sort of support under his feet, but I like how it almost looks as he is dozing off.
May 22, 3
And I fiddled some more with those darned poppies. My husband thinks it’s great now and forbids me to donate it to the upcoming art auction of our gallery….perhaps I will just try to do another one.
Oh, now I see it on the screen I really do not like the stem of that far-right flower. Is this thing EVER going to be finished…?   ;-))
Poppies, again
Well, back to the drawing board/heated palette!
Talk to you tomorrow,