Fix it, Finish it!

I just got back from a two-day workshop with AFCA member Bonny Roberts.

She is a fabulous painter, versed in landscapes, portraits, abstracts, animals, you name it. Here is the painting she whipped up for us in just 30 minutes:

For this course we had to bring a bunch of paintings we were not happy with and Bonny would critique them and give you ideas how to fix it. Even as we did not have much time to paint everybody learned a tremendous amount from all the critiquing. There were 11 students in the class and each had at least three paintings.

I brought an oldie, which I had changed at least 3 times, to no avail, so the case was pretty desperate!

You can see here what I mean: two pathetic trees and an image almost exactly cut in two equal pieces. Bonny suggested to take one tree out and bring the lighter colour down at the right. The shape of the tree to the left needed mayor work too.
At the end of the day this was the result and I am much happier with it now:

The crow appeared as I dripped some dark wax by accident and I decided he could stay and keep the cranes company!
BTW: the cranes are pieces of chiyogami paper which I had bought in Japan almost 10 years ago.

I still need a good title: suggestions, anyone??


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