Teaching in Richmond

Yesterday I got back from a fabulous weekend at the coast. And I mean “coast”, for I was in Richmond where I could have dipped my toe in the Pacific (if it hadn’t been a bit too chilly…)

Getting there was part of the fun. I left here on Friday 9 o’clock, with a car full of supplies and teaching material and my three favourite musicians: Ian Sherwood, Trevor Caswell and Tom Rigley. They do not take up too much space, being stored in my iPod.
So you could see me cruising down Manning Park, belting out my favourite songs –  just good that I was alone in the car!

I arrived at my first host Adrienne without any incident. Adrienne Moore has been a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) for more than 30 years. She has AFCA status and she saw my add in the FCA magazine Art Avenue. Being intrigued by Encaustic and having experimented with it a bit herself she invited me to come and teach at her studio.

We hit it off right away and had lots of fun exchanging stories. I set up my equipment in her studio, which was a very inspiring place, packed with her vibrant paintings.
Saturday morning we decided to take a quick walk with her giant ice-bear like dog Chebatta as I noticed the door to her studio was locked. This was not good…no key in sight….problem!

The last resort was to climb through the studio window, which miraculously was not locked. Here is Adrienne holding the ladder for me:

Ready to break-in....!

I’m glad there is no picture of me straddling the window sill. Not a pretty sight!

But the workshop got underway and we all had a good time. Most of the participants had earned their arts laurels long ago and they quickly applied their own style to this new/old medium.

It was hard to get the ladies to stop around 4 PM, but I had to pack up and relocate to Jeanette Jarville’s studio a few kilometers away. Jeanette runs a fantastic B&B in Richmond: The Doorknocker; it is definitely the nicest one I’ve ever been in. She even gave me her best room-it was bigger than my living room at home! Her studio is gorgeous too. Here are some pictures:

Jeanette treated us to a lovely lunch in her dining room, facing the large garden.

After lunch I introduced the group to heat-resistant sponges and the stylus and we ended by experimenting on a wooden board or small canvas. Again, time was too short!

From Jeanette’s I went back to spend the night at Adrienne. She took me to the village of Richmond, which is absolutely charming with the fishing boats, many restaurants and quaint little shops:

Adrienne had all kinds of stories about the history of the village and the cannery, where many Japanese used to work. We decided to opt for Japanese food and enjoyed a great bento dinner.

I drove back early on Monday morning, sad to leave but grateful for the wonderful people I’d met. We are already thinking about a follow-up workshop, perhaps in the fall (before the snow!)

One last shot of a big raven at Manning Park Resort, my favourite stop on the way there and back:

I’m tempted to paint him!


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3 Responses to “Teaching in Richmond”

  1. Anna Wolleben Says:

    I’m glad you had an exciting time in Richmond!

  2. Chris Says:

    Thanks for your weekend report Thea! Looks like you had lots of eager students and wonderful working surroundings. The pictures were great, really made me feel like I was “almost” there!!!! hehehee! Thanks so much! Chris

  3. Fran Says:

    Thanks Thea, I really enjoyed reading your report. I am looking forward to your workshop in Riondel B.C.

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