Featured artist on Ning: Verlie Murphy

Hello and welcome to Wednesday!

Featured artist this week is my old friend Verlie Murphy! We know each other from Michael Bossom’s Encaustic site, which sadly is not interactive anymore, so I guess that’s why she has joined my Ning network…;-)

She has some wonderful artwork here and also hosts her own website with lots more. I especially like her Kaleidoscopic Art Designs, some of which she does in Encaustic.
Verlie sent me a link to her new Facebook fan page, where she shares
directions for creating Kaleidoscopic drawings (look under Discussions). I just saw she has a design on there which you can download and colour in.
Try it out! It is a lot of fun and very relaxing to do.

From the shop: I finally got some Encaustic styluses in! They have a European plug, but come with an adapter for Canada, so they are ready to go. To celebrate I’ve decided to put them on sale until April 30: $39.95 instead of $42.95 (adapter included!).

Friday I’m off to Richmond near Vancouver to teach two workshops. Looking forward to the beautiful drive through Manning Park and to meet a new group of people. Hopefully I can infect some of them with our “Encaustic bug”…;-))

Talk to you next week.
Happy Painting,



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