Featured artist on Ning: Judy Klich

Hello and welcome to Wednesday!

This week the smiling face of Judy Klich graces our main page on Ning.
She joined the site a couple of months ago and recently uploaded some lovely work. To see more of her artistic endeavors you can visit her own website Judy Klich Art: Where passion meets self-expression!

It was really neat to see that, after I featured Cheryl last week, many of her friends joined the site while they wanted to view her artwork here.

A couple of weeks back Rebecca Shapiro was our featured artist. What I did not know at the time is that she has made tons of fabulous videos on art and encaustic. You can see them all here .
She did an installation last August titled “See.” It was about the way bees see,
how human see and how she sees when creating her art. Sorry I missed it, Rebecca! Hopefully our members will check them out now!

Tomorrow I will draw the winners of my Prayers for Peace banner. If you wish, you can still visit my blog and get your name in today…

Happy painting!

My latest work: “sumi-e meets wax”, 12×12″ on wooden panel


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