Hot wax, but not Encaustic…

This weekend our son and his lovely girl friend will get married, so I’m going to be Mother-of-the-Groom
Hopefully this is a one-time occasion (we only have the one son) and it calls for serious preparation, like getting my hair done and a Manicure + FACIAL.

Good fortune has it that one of my recent students, Morgan, owns a beautiful Spa nearby, so today I went and treated myself to a morning of soothing music, lovely scents and Morgan’s expert treatments.

Parafine hands

Hot wax - not encaustic!

One of the things she did was embed my hands in warm paraffin, which felt a bit weird at first, but the results are amazing!

While that was soaking in she put all kinds of lotions and potions on my face, which all smelled heavenly.

During the accompanying massage I almost fell asleep!

So now I’m all set to outshine the bride…;-)))



One Response to “Hot wax, but not Encaustic…”

  1. Anna Wolleben Says:

    Good for you Thea! Spa is always nice! I hope to see the pictures from the wedding! Pity we can’t join you….

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