18 Responses to “Banners Give-Away”

  1. Chris Notley Says:

    What a lovely banner for Prayers for Peace, Thea. Thanks for donating the extras to some lucky winners! Chris

  2. Lynne Says:

    I would love to enter to possibly win a banner -they are beautiful

  3. aimee Says:

    I love your work and would love to have one of your wonderful pieces to hang (and brag that I know a real artist 🙂 in my art room.
    take care~ Aimee

  4. copperside Says:

    It would be wonderful if one of your inspiring creations found its way north.

  5. Frances Morrison Says:

    Yes Thea these are beautiful. I would love to have one to show off to friends, and possibly inspire them to create.

  6. Caryle Schroeder Says:

    What a wonderful piece to have hanging in my home with Prayers for Peace being the legend of it.

    Thanks Thea for the opportunity to win one of these wonderful banners.

  7. krista quinn Says:

    Beautiful banners for a wonderful cause, hopefully they’ll inspire peace for all.
    I would be proud and honoured to display one.
    thanks tp all who created them.

  8. elehna de sousa Says:

    Would love to be the lucky recipient one of your inspirational peace banners, Thea. How generous of you to be offering them in this way to others. Thank you!

  9. Junanne Says:

    I would like to have one to inspire some of my students to create prayer for peace banners to send to another school with the request for that school to continue creating and sending on to other schools….

  10. Cynthia Gott Says:

    Thea this is wonderful; thanks for sharing. Add me on the list; I’d love to display this in our college art studio. It would be a great inspiration for my students, especially in mixed media. Bliss out on Art!

  11. Denise Funfsinn Says:

    Your prayer banners are lovely and i would be most appreciative to win one~!

  12. encausticcanada Says:

    It’s exciting to see that so many of you would like to receive one of my banners! I’ll get in touch with the winners by email next week.

  13. Elizabeth Wesley Says:

    How very beautiful and just in time for Earth Day. You are such an inspiration to all. I enjoy all the emails as I learn so much from them. Thank you.

  14. Anne Lundy Says:

    Very beautiful ! you are such an inspiration to all, I look forward to your weekly news letters and featured artists, you are a very special person.

  15. encausticcanada Says:

    OK, today I drew the names and the lucky winners are:

    krista quinn
    caryle schroeder
    cynthia gott

    Congrats to all!
    I’ll get in touch with everyone to get you to email me your address.

  16. Caryle Schroeder Says:

    Wow, Thanks Thea.

  17. aimee Says:

    Thank You, Thank you, thank you~ I look so forward to displaying it!

  18. krista quinn Says:

    Thank you so much Thea, I will be proud to display a banner with such a wonderful theme.

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