Featured Artist on Ning: Rebecca Shapiro

Hello and welcome to Wednesday!

This week’s member in the spotlight is Rebecca Shapiro.
Rebecca was one of the very first to join the Encaustic Art network, right after I had lifted it from its early grave….I had neglected the network for almost a year, but as soon as I started to post and share, it was discovered by many artists (like yourself!).
Now we have more than 400 members and counting!
Back to Rebecca: although she did not upload any art work here and has not been very active on the site, I urge you to visit her blog and featured art work. Perhaps we can convince her to share some of her beautiful work here as well…;-)
B.t.w.: she is a fellow member of the IEA, International Encaustic Artists, an organization of very dedicated “waxers”, based in the States, but with members all over the world.

I’ve uploaded two new tutorials on painting techniques with the iron. Hope you enjoy them.

From the shop: I’ll be getting in a bunch of new Encaustic styluses very soon! These will be the European ones, but will come with a converter plug.
Supply will be limited: first come, first served.

That’s it for today: my waxes are cooking and beckoning me to the studio!

Happy painting,


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