A taste of success!

Ah, we artists are a funny lot…We try to tell ourselves and others that we will paint because we have to, from an inner force and that it does not matter if we get rewarded or not.

But then, when we DO get recognition in the form of a sale or an award, we cannot wait to tell the world about it!
At least, that’s how I feel right now…;-))

Last Thursday I went to attend the opening of “Spring Renewal”, our latest juried FCA show, in which I got two paintings.
And there, next to my little painting, was a little card that said: “Honourable Mention for Spring Forest by Thea Haubrich”.

Spring Forest

A big honour for a small painting!

If you’d like to see the painting a bit better: I had it uploaded in another post earlier last month.


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3 Responses to “A taste of success!”

  1. Chris Notley Says:

    Awe Thea, I’m so happy for you! What a well deserved honour! Congratulations! Chris

  2. judy Says:

    Congrats Thea! Wonderful piece of art !
    Judy L

  3. Michael Says:

    Well done Thea.

    I don’t think you are turning into an artist – you are one by nature. But you are learning to express in a manner that is recognisable and palatable to those who determine that which is the art of today. And this is a lovely piece of work. : )

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