Workshop preparations

Preparing for a workshop always is inspiring to me, trying out new techniques, using different tools…

This week I’m teaching Image Transfer & Using Stencils and came up with this image:

ImageTransfer & Stencils

4 techniques on one small 6x6 panel!

I started with several layers of wax on a wooden panel and I think there are some papers in there too! Then an image transfer of a laser colour copy of one of my photos, taken in CA last year, as I was attending the IEA Retreat: place the copy face down on the wax, burnish very well with the back of a spoon. Sprinkle water on top, more burnishing. Then start rubbing with your fingers to remove the paper pulp and ideally you are left with only the image. (Not totally foolproof! better to have several backup images in case of small disasters…;-))

The apple was done by placing a metal cookie cutter on the painting, filling it with wax, then a quick fusing. At precisely the right moment take off the cookie cutter (careful! it’s hot!).  Clean up the edges with a metal scraper.

For the little birdie I burnished several strips of painters tape next to each other on the wax surface. Then I drew the bird and cut it out with a sharp knife. Filled the cut-out shape with wax and again being careful to find the right moment, peeled off the remaining tape. Voila: a perfect little bird. Details were added with the heated stylus.

The leaves to the left were done with a plastic stencil, placed on the wax and scratched the outline. I added a little bit of pigment stick to colour in the lines.


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