A Day of Service to the Arts…

Yesterday evening I was wondering where the day had gone, when it suddenly struck me: I had worked all day for all kinds of art projects, except my own…

It started early morning: me still in my PJ’s, sorting out the membership list of the IEA (International Encaustic Artists). As I have accepted the sole responsibility for their Newsletter I thought I’d better get the email list up-to-date. In the process I had to figure out exporting ConstantContact lists, editing in MS Excel and entering data. It took at least an hour…

I had barely time to get dressed and hurry over to our local art centre, Leir House, to hang the new “A Little Bit of Everything” Show. Try to display a coherent show with 21 artists, 4 different media and all level skills…

Sharon, Jack and I were finished 2 hours later.A few pictures:

Barking Parrot

My submission: "Barking Parrot"

Three different Encaustic works

Judith Rackham's painting

I had lunch in the car (a protein bar: highly recommended on stressful days!) and worked most of the afternoon on the financial statements from our local FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists) chapter.

It took me  a long time to find a mere $0.61 difference, but I got it all sorted out just before dinner. I’m giving up the job with tomorrow’s AGM, but will move in the 2. Vice Chair position.

I love all these organizations and I don’t mind giving some of my time to support them, but yesterday was a bit much…;-)
Especially as it was a gorgeous day here in the South Okanagan and it would have been nice to go for a walk or potter in the garden a bit. On my way from town I took this photo:
You have to agree: the Okanagan IS the most beautiful place on earth!

Skaha Lake


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One Response to “A Day of Service to the Arts…”

  1. Chris Notley Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful newsletter Thea. Always enjoy reading about your activities, and seeing your photographs, and your artwork. Your parrot is exquisite! The other art pieces that you showed here are beautiful too. Chris

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