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Hot wax, but not Encaustic…

March 31, 2010

This weekend our son and his lovely girl friend will get married, so I’m going to be Mother-of-the-Groom
Hopefully this is a one-time occasion (we only have the one son) and it calls for serious preparation, like getting my hair done and a Manicure + FACIAL.

Good fortune has it that one of my recent students, Morgan, owns a beautiful Spa nearby, so today I went and treated myself to a morning of soothing music, lovely scents and Morgan’s expert treatments.

Parafine hands

Hot wax - not encaustic!

One of the things she did was embed my hands in warm paraffin, which felt a bit weird at first, but the results are amazing!

While that was soaking in she put all kinds of lotions and potions on my face, which all smelled heavenly.

During the accompanying massage I almost fell asleep!

So now I’m all set to outshine the bride…;-)))


Featured Artist on Ning: Jan Whitebear Dobrin

March 31, 2010

Hello and welcome to Wednesday!

Featured artist this week is Jan Whitebear Dobrin. She has a few paintings  on the Ning site, but there are more on her own website. Be sure to also check out her acrylics, oils and silk paintings.
My favourite is “Just ahead of the Avalanche”!

Wasn’t it great how Rebecca uploaded several of her paintings after I featured her last week?! I might do that with a few more artists, just to nudge them a bit to show their work here…;-)

And if you want be featured, you can really come forward and send me a message; I’d be happy to, even if you’ve been featured before. I think it is a great promotion opportunity, for I will also post the featured artist + links on my blog and even Twitter about it.
(Nobody will know that you’ve asked, I promise, hihi)

Speaking of my blog: there are several things going on there.
One is a give-away of 6 of the banners I painted for the Prayers for Peace challenge.
And the other is that you can sign up to receive daily updates on my “36” a Day in May” project.

Happy Easter and Happy Painting, everyone!

P.S.: Here’s one of my latest paintings “Desert Heat”, on a 6×6 cradled panel:

Featured Artist on Ning: Rebecca Shapiro

March 24, 2010

Hello and welcome to Wednesday!

This week’s member in the spotlight is Rebecca Shapiro.
Rebecca was one of the very first to join the Encaustic Art network, right after I had lifted it from its early grave….I had neglected the network for almost a year, but as soon as I started to post and share, it was discovered by many artists (like yourself!).
Now we have more than 400 members and counting!
Back to Rebecca: although she did not upload any art work here and has not been very active on the site, I urge you to visit her blog and featured art work. Perhaps we can convince her to share some of her beautiful work here as well…;-)
B.t.w.: she is a fellow member of the IEA, International Encaustic Artists, an organization of very dedicated “waxers”, based in the States, but with members all over the world.

I’ve uploaded two new tutorials on painting techniques with the iron. Hope you enjoy them.

From the shop: I’ll be getting in a bunch of new Encaustic styluses very soon! These will be the European ones, but will come with a converter plug.
Supply will be limited: first come, first served.

That’s it for today: my waxes are cooking and beckoning me to the studio!

Happy painting,

A taste of success!

March 20, 2010

Ah, we artists are a funny lot…We try to tell ourselves and others that we will paint because we have to, from an inner force and that it does not matter if we get rewarded or not.

But then, when we DO get recognition in the form of a sale or an award, we cannot wait to tell the world about it!
At least, that’s how I feel right now…;-))

Last Thursday I went to attend the opening of “Spring Renewal”, our latest juried FCA show, in which I got two paintings.
And there, next to my little painting, was a little card that said: “Honourable Mention for Spring Forest by Thea Haubrich”.

Spring Forest

A big honour for a small painting!

If you’d like to see the painting a bit better: I had it uploaded in another post earlier last month.

Featured artist on Ning this week: Bethany!

March 17, 2010

Hello and welcome to another Wednesday:¬† “featured artist day” on the Encaustic Ning network!

This week’s featured member is Bethany Sutton. If you have been on the network for quite some time you might remember I featured her in January 2009. Her work has vastly changed and improved since then, so I thought it would be a good idea to set her in the spotlight again!
Here you will find Bethany’s artwork on our network, but she also has a cool new website. (Click on the image to enter the site).

Bethany started workshops with me several years ago and we became good friends. She is a joy to be around with and everyone instantly loves her! She is usually two steps ahead of me in trying out new techniques and really keeps me on my toes…;-)

One of the things I’ve been working on is Encaustic on photographs. I’ve one in the Gallery and below is its “sister image”.
As I wrote in the comment, “less is more” in this technique and it is really hard for me, for I usually will “fiddle” with stuff way too long,
not taking my own advice of “stopping one step ahead before it is

There is a good chance that Linda Womack will incorporate working on photographs in her 2 courses, which she will give here in the Okanagan in September.
A few spots have freed up, because people had other commitments. Check out the details here.

Tomorrow is the opening of “Spring Renewal”: a juried FCA show at the Summerland Art Gallery. I have two Encaustic paintings in, and my good friend Carol Munro is represented with one painting.
Come and join us from 7 – 9 PM!

I have posted several free tutorials on my Ning social network, but I now have posted all of them right here on the blog. They are easy to find, scroll down a bit and look in the right hand column under my picture.

From the shop: the Encaustic painting irons are back in stock and so are the GetStarted! Kits Encaustic! And all stamps are 25% off this month.

That’s it for today!

Happy Painting,

Workshop preparations

March 15, 2010

Preparing for a workshop always is inspiring to me, trying out new techniques, using different tools…

This week I’m teaching Image Transfer & Using Stencils and came up with this image:

ImageTransfer & Stencils

4 techniques on one small 6x6 panel!

I started with several layers of wax on a wooden panel and I think there are some papers in there too! Then an image transfer of a laser colour copy of one of my photos, taken in CA last year, as I was attending the IEA Retreat: place the copy face down on the wax, burnish very well with the back of a spoon. Sprinkle water on top, more burnishing. Then start rubbing with your fingers to remove the paper pulp and ideally you are left with only the image. (Not totally foolproof! better to have several backup images in case of small disasters…;-))

The apple was done by placing a metal cookie cutter on the painting, filling it with wax, then a quick fusing. At precisely the right moment take off the cookie cutter (careful! it’s hot!).¬† Clean up the edges with a metal scraper.

For the little birdie I burnished several strips of painters tape next to each other on the wax surface. Then I drew the bird and cut it out with a sharp knife. Filled the cut-out shape with wax and again being careful to find the right moment, peeled off the remaining tape. Voila: a perfect little bird. Details were added with the heated stylus.

The leaves to the left were done with a plastic stencil, placed on the wax and scratched the outline. I added a little bit of pigment stick to colour in the lines.

Featured Artist: Sandra

March 10, 2010

Featured member this week is Sandra. She has a fun image of herself as her profile picture, showing off a piece of artwork, while standing dangerously close to a pond….Sandra, you have to tell us more about that!

You can view Sandra’s Encaustic pieces here. She uploaded some delightful children’s portraits, but the one that really struck me was BFA as Therapy. I encourage you to read the comments exchange Sandra and I had on there. Sandra is an Occupational Therapist who uses art therapy and Encaustic as a way of healing.
She will also soon have my Encaustic supplies for sale, so if you live in Saskatchewan, be sure to get in touch with her if you need anything.

I’ll take this opportunity to let you know that I will be teaching a workshop in Richmond, April 25 and that there is some more info on Linda Womack’s courses, which run in Okanagan Falls in September.

Tomorrow the exhibition “A Little Bit of Everything” will open at Leir House, Penticton at 7 PM. Please come out and join us. Almost half of the submitted work is in Encaustic!
Next week, Thursday March 18, “Spring Renewal”, a juried FCA show, opens at the Summerland Art Gallery. Encaustic is represented there by two of my pieces and one by my good friend Carol Munro. Opening again 7 PM.
Encaustic is taking over the art world!!

Happy painting, talk to you next week,