Featured artist on Ning: Marjolein Driesen

Welcome to Wednesday!

For our new featured member, Marjolein, it might be already Thursday…sorry, I’m a bit late this week! Marjolein lives in Holland, my home country, in a town called Raamsdonksveer. I’ve never been there, but just the name is amazing, don’t you think?!

Marjolein is relatively new to our Ning network and has uploaded some beautiful work in her gallery. Take a look at her florals, just gorgeous!
She also has a website, which seems like a network. It’s in Dutch, but you will find a ton of artwork on there as well.

I’m going to watch some more Olympics: Canada, my adopted homeland, is doing great by the way…;-)

Tomorrow I will be involved in the Naramata Elementary School Art Conference. I’ve planned a couple of neat Encaustic projects for the 30 elementary school kids and I’m thrilled that I will get expert help to keep them safe from Linda and Jane, two local Encaustic artists. Will hopefully have some pictures for you tomorrow.

Happy painting,

Visit Encaustic Art at:


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