“Under Construction” revisited…

Remember the piece “Under Construction”, shown in Fruit of Procrastination?

Frances suggested a focal point, which was an excellent idea. This is what I came up with: I embedded an enlarged photocopy of an old photograph of my great-great grandfather. The image was aged by scrunching it up, flatted out and left to stain in black tea. Then I saturated it with beeswax and used wax to collage it in. The textures was enhanced by rubbing with PanPastels, lightly fused.

Under Construction

The old painting

Below is the reworked piece. I renamed it “Bones of Our Fathers”

Bones of Our Fathers


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3 Responses to ““Under Construction” revisited…”

  1. Chris Notley Says:

    Oh my gosh Thea, this looks like a totally different picture. What a wonderful idea to use your Great Great Grandfather’s picture as the focal point. Nice work to age it! Chris

  2. encausticcanada Says:

    Thanks, Chris! To me it almost looks like there is a shadow of a figure behind him! I’ve decided to add some small orange splatters to get some nice contrast with all the dark indigo.
    (I always try to teach my students to stop one step ahead before it’s perfect, but this time I’m just going to give it a go!)

  3. encausticcanada Says:

    How’s this for doing something stupid: I had entered the original “Under Construction” in a juried show….so in the unlikely case they accept it, I will have to restore it to its old state!!

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