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Naramata Elementary School Art Conference

February 26, 2010

For the second year Encaustic was part of the Naramata Elementary School Art Conference. The school invites local artists to share their craft with the kids from as young as Kindergarten. Some of the themes were abstract painting, portraits, gesso texturing, embossing, pottery, film making and mosaic.

For Encaustic I asked that the students be at least in 3rd. grade.  Afterall, we are working with hot implements and it would be hard to keep the little ones safe. It was great that I was able to enlist the help of two local fellow Encaustic artists Linda and Jane.

Some cool guys enjoying hot wax!

Printing on fabric

Printing on fabric

The kids have great imagination and tons of energy, a combination which can be fairly exhausting…
As one of the other artists remarked during the wonderful lunch which was set up for us in the staff room: “You teachers deserve a medal!”


Featured artist on Ning: Marjolein Driesen

February 25, 2010
Welcome to Wednesday!

For our new featured member, Marjolein, it might be already Thursday…sorry, I’m a bit late this week! Marjolein lives in Holland, my home country, in a town called Raamsdonksveer. I’ve never been there, but just the name is amazing, don’t you think?!

Marjolein is relatively new to our Ning network and has uploaded some beautiful work in her gallery. Take a look at her florals, just gorgeous!
She also has a website, which seems like a network. It’s in Dutch, but you will find a ton of artwork on there as well.

I’m going to watch some more Olympics: Canada, my adopted homeland, is doing great by the way…;-)

Tomorrow I will be involved in the Naramata Elementary School Art Conference. I’ve planned a couple of neat Encaustic projects for the 30 elementary school kids and I’m thrilled that I will get expert help to keep them safe from Linda and Jane, two local Encaustic artists. Will hopefully have some pictures for you tomorrow.

Happy painting,

Visit Encaustic Art at:

Collages with magazine papers

February 20, 2010

Yesterday I taught a fun workshop about using pages from magazine papers to create stunning collages. Lots of beeswax was involved, some oil pastels and all kind of texture making materials. Everyone did at least two pieces!
I hope some course participants will enter their work in the upcoming show “A Little Bit of Everything”, which starts next month in our local Art centre Leir House.

Here are some of the results:

By CharmaineF

By GladyT.

By JudyL.

By JudyB.

By LindaSw

By MargaretPh.

Featured on Ning this week: Birgitta Hane Lazzali

February 17, 2010

Hello and welcome to Wednesday!

Thanks all who checked out Chris Notley’s page last week on the Ning Encaustic social network; so many comments, great!
This week’s featured artist is Birgitta Hane Lazzali. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden. You can view her Encaustic pieces in the gallery on Ning.
She has a great website as well. It’s in Swedish, of course, but pictures do not need words! Just click on Bildgalleri to see her other work besides Encaustic. I love her renderings of the old buildings! Apparently there are many castles in Sweden…;-)

I’ve been painting a lot lately, mainly reworking old pieces or finishing small works I started as demos in my workshops.
Below is an example (sorry I did not take a “before” picture…)

Happy Painting, talk to you next week!


“Under Construction” revisited…

February 14, 2010

Remember the piece “Under Construction”, shown in Fruit of Procrastination?

Frances suggested a focal point, which was an excellent idea. This is what I came up with: I embedded an enlarged photocopy of an old photograph of my great-great grandfather. The image was aged by scrunching it up, flatted out and left to stain in black tea. Then I saturated it with beeswax and used wax to collage it in. The textures was enhanced by rubbing with PanPastels, lightly fused.

Under Construction

The old painting

Below is the reworked piece. I renamed it “Bones of Our Fathers”

Bones of Our Fathers

Call for Entry: A Little Bit of Everything

February 14, 2010

The Penticton & District Community Arts Council (PDCAC) will be running their third installment
of “A Little Bit of Everything” showcase from March 11, 2010 and is looking for submissions from members.

If you are interested in having your work considered please submit a photo of your art piece with dimensions either by e-mail to or in person at the PDCAC office in the Leir House, 220 Manor Park Ave, Penticton.

All submissions must be received by 4pm Feb 22, 2010. All mediums are welcome, and more than one piece can be submitted for consideration. All artwork must be ready for display.

Playing Around

February 13, 2010

For my upcoming workshop “Collages with Magazine Papers” I was playing around with some ideas. In the first image the papers have all but been buried under wax and in the final version I added a bit more “punch”:

The last one came out nice all by itself; it has lots of texture and shows my latest favourite colour turquoise.
I liked it enough to give it a title: “Watching the Parade”!

Watching the Parade

Looking forward to the workshop next Friday to see what everybody will come up with. I’ll try to remember and bring my camera, so I can show you some pictures.

Featured on Ning: Chris Notley

February 10, 2010

Welcome to another Wednesday!

Thanks everyone, for sharing your art work and thoughts with us on the Encaustic Ning network. Every week new people join the site. A warm
welcome to all who did so in the last couple of days.

Wednesdays are “Featured Member” days on our Encaustic Ning site and this week’s new face on our Main Page is of Chris Notley.
Chris is one of the most active members on the site, always ready to give lavish praise and sweet comments on other people’s work. She got
into Encaustic a short while ago, but is now totally addicted and has
regular W&W sessions with her friend Pat. W&W stands for Wine
& Wax, I’m not sure in which order…;-)
Chris is an avid stamper and many of her works on Ning reflect that, but now she concentrates more on using Encaustic on itself.

She sent me this beautiful card in the snail mail!

For February/Valentine’s Day I am giving away blocks of RED wax! For every $40.00 you order you will receive one block. You can go to the online shop to place your order.
If you would like to own an original “Thea” please visit my Etsy store.  I’ll throw in some free red waxes for you as well!

And please check out the two neat videos which Amber Clair posted today. Be sure to crank up the volume on your speakers: the song is just beautiful!

Happy painting and talk to you next week!

The Fruit of Procrastination

February 5, 2010

Do you know that feeling? You have a great idea for a project, but you’re afraid to go start on it because you don’t know if it will work out the way you envision?

That was my state of mind yesterday and I had been postponing going down to the studio until late afternoon. As I finally decided to start up my crockpot it was way too late for the wax to melt in time before dinner, so I played around with some small “misery pieces”…the ones that you think are going nowhere and you’re just wasting wax & time. I’m sure nobody else has those, but I can tell you I have a stack of them!!

All of a sudden two came together (I think…)
I’m not 100% convinced of “Under Construction”, but I’m  definitely liking “Field of Dreams”.
Unfortunately I did not take any “before” pictures to show you the desolate state they were in. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Field of Dreams (8 x 7.5")

Under Construction (8 x 12")