TWO pieces accepted!

I’m pretty excited that I got two paintings accepted in the juried FCA exhibit “Spring Renewal” in Summerland!
The FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists) jurors are hard to please; after all it’s an organization for professional artists and standards should be accordingly. I’ve entered shows a couple of times last year and did not get in, which kind of makes one wonder about ones artistic abilities, doesn’t it??
So this feels really good…;-)

The first one is on painting card, depicting a dense bamboo scene, 11×14″:
Title: “Resounding Growth”:

"Resounding Growth"

The second one is totally different, almost abstract, with lots of texture. It is quite small, 9×9″ and was painted on a black matboard.  I did not have much inspiration for a title, so it is just called “Spring Forest”. Let me know if you have a great idea for a better name!

"Spring Forest"


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20 Responses to “TWO pieces accepted!”

  1. manuelakalestiantz Says:

    Nice WORK THEA!!!

    Congratulations. Love your tones and technique!

    Manuela PDX

  2. Sylvie Says:

    Great Thea.
    Very nice work. Très belle composition, superbes couleurs et textures.
    Bravo 😉

  3. Linda Says:

    Thea, congratulations!!! I love them both. I especially like
    the background contrast in the “Resounding Growth”. I look
    forward to the opening.

  4. Margaret Berry Says:

    Congratulations Thea….these are very deep and mysterious….and also welcome relief for the eyes on our snow-covered plains!

  5. beth fedigan Says:

    thea…omg, your bamboo piece is amazing….as a newcomber to encaustics, i’m still experimenting alot, but as a watercolorist for the past 20 years, bamboo is one of my favorite subjects….what you did with wax is incredible!!

  6. Dorothy Sevcov Says:

    You have two prize winners. Don’t take it too personally when you don’t get in a show. If they receaved 200 entries and only had room for 25 you can see what happens. To get your active statis in the FCA your work had to reach a certain standard. I have been a member of the FCA for over 25 years and have not had many paintings acceped. You only have to please yourself.
    You know what they say “artists don’t paint because they want to they paint because they have to” I don’t know who said this but I like it so now I have to go paint.

  7. gail Says:

    So glad to have a chance to see your beautiful work. Of course they were juried in…
    they deserve to be.

  8. encausticcanada Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your lovely comments! They are a big incentive for me to keep trying my very best at painting and overcome the fear of rejection.
    Dorothy is right to point out that not getting into a show has sometimes more to do with actual lack of space than the quality of the work!
    To Beth: I did videotape a short tutorial on how I paint the bamboo. I will share it with everyone as soon as I have finished editing on YouTube.

  9. Lynn Tribe Says:

    Congratulations Thea. Love both of these. I have many times entered FCA shows and not been selected. It is a subjective choice by the juror and sometimes the same work will get into a different show. Look forward to taking another of your workshops as they are such fun. John and i have signed up for the one in kelowna.

  10. Roya Ravanbakhsh Says:

    Wow Thea! They are both fantastic. The bamboo takes my breath away. The Spring Forest looks like a west coast mossy jungle. Delicious.
    ps i’ve never entered an art show but i know the weird pressure and arbitrary selection on music juries so…

  11. jean Says:

    Great work Thea! You are the master !

  12. Yvonne (Ygo Music&Art) Says:

    Congratulations Thea – great pieces – I will definitely come to the show! Yvonne

  13. dana amadio Says:

    Congratulation !I love the Bamboo painting is captiveting for the Spring Forrest I suggest”Lost in a Dream”
    I look forward to your news letter every time thank you for been such an inspiration I just wish I could attend Your workshops!!! good luck Dana


    I especially like your bamboo, I am partial to that type of art anyway.
    I think your Spring Forest should be called THE FOREST’S SOUL

  15. elehna de sousa Says:

    Hi Thea,

    I love both your paintings. The title Spring Forest seems perfect to me.


  16. Ursula Weber Says:

    Hallo Thea gern sehe ich mir Ihre Traum Bilder an und erfreue mich an den schönen Bildern.

    auf welcher Seite kann man von Ihnen noch mehr ansehen .

    ich würde mich auf eine antwort freuen

    herzliche grüße Ulla

  17. Ursula Weber Says:

    Hallo Liebe Thea

    gern schaue ich mir ihre schönen bilder an und freue mich darüber .
    auf welcher seite kann ich noch mehr anschauen??
    ich würde mich auf eine antwort freuen

    herzliche grüße ulla

  18. Anna Wolleben Says:

    Thea, the deepness of the bamboo painting is amazing! Congrats!

  19. Chris Notley Says:

    Congratulations on this prestigious honour Thea! Chris

  20. Success! « Encaustic Canada's Blog Says:

    […] you’d like to see the painting a bit better: I had it uploaded in another post earlier last […]

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