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TWO pieces accepted!

January 31, 2010

I’m pretty excited that I got two paintings accepted in the juried FCA exhibit “Spring Renewal” in Summerland!
The FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists) jurors are hard to please; after all it’s an organization for professional artists and standards should be accordingly. I’ve entered shows a couple of times last year and did not get in, which kind of makes one wonder about ones artistic abilities, doesn’t it??
So this feels really good…;-)

The first one is on painting card, depicting a dense bamboo scene, 11×14″:
Title: “Resounding Growth”:

"Resounding Growth"

The second one is totally different, almost abstract, with lots of texture. It is quite small, 9×9″ and was painted on a black matboard.  I did not have much inspiration for a title, so it is just called “Spring Forest”. Let me know if you have a great idea for a better name!

"Spring Forest"


Wednesday Ning update: January 27

January 28, 2010

Hello again everyone, and welcome to Wednesday!

This week’s featured member on Ning is Catherine Nash. Catherine is an internationally known mixed media artist and her work can be found on her website, blog, and here.
In our own Gallery on Ning she posted some stunning paintings of landscapes!
Catherine is a valued member of IEA, International Encaustic Artists.

"Morning" - by Catherine Nash

Another member of IEA is Daniella Woolf, who’s fabulous, brand-new DVD I got as a Christmas present from my dear hubby. I had some vague ideas for using old writings in my work and she totally fired me up to run down to the studio and try them out.
Unfortunately 20 pages of bookkeeping entries keep me from doing that right now…;-((

Last but not least:
A quick update on the workshops I will be teaching in the next little while in B.C.:

February 19: Penticton, Encaustic Collages with Magazine Papers
February 28: Kelowna, More Techniques (sponges/palette knife/stylus)
March 8: Vernon, 2 Basic 3 hour classes
March 13: Naramata, Make your own Waxes
March 19: Okanagan Falls, Image Transfers & Using Stencils

Example of magazine paper collage (sold)

Example of "More Techniques", using heat-resistant sponges

If you’re interested in any of the above workshops go to my website or email me:

That’s it for today!

Happy painting,

For more information about my  work or encaustic in general, please visit my website or my online  gallery at
For encaustic supplies you can go to my online shop.

My fabulous Christmas presents

January 21, 2010

Coming back from our holiday two Christmas presents were in the mail.

The first one was Alyson Stanfield’s famous book “I’d Rather Be In The Studio!”, which I just started to read today and the second was the long-awaited DVD “Encaustic with a textile sensibility” from Daniella Woolf.

Two hours of Encaustic fun!

It’s hard to decide what to do first, read the book or watch the DVD…I’ve done a bit of both today.

The best thing is I have signed up for Daniella’s workshop at the Conference. Hopefully I will get in!

4th Annual Encaustic Painting Conference at Montserrat

January 21, 2010

Registration for the 4th Annual Encaustic Painting Conference started on Jan. 15th and already 142 names are on the list.
Many of them are familiar to me now and I also know a face and voice to a lot of them, because I met so many artists at the Conference last year and at the IEA Retreat.

Jeff Schaller in action in 2009

Do yourself a favour and sign up right now! The program looks fabulous and the workshops are going to be incredible I believe. Last year I “only” attended the conference and did not go to any workshop, but this year I signed up for all three days, after gentle pushing of my dear friend and ultimate motivator Carol, who is accompanying me from the Okanagan.

“Prayers for Peace” covered in local newspaper!

January 20, 2010

Today our local newspaper published a photo of the exhibit of the Prayers for Peace Project, which was initiated by Carol Murphy.

Unfortunately I could not be present as the photo was taken, because there was so much snow here I could not get out of my driveway!

Photo; Mark Brett/Western News

Wednesday Ning update: Jan. 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another Wednesday!

As you might have noticed I’ve skipped a week and Carol graced our Main Page for 2 weeks. This was due to my short holiday in Costa Rica, where I did not have a decent internet connection, but now Raven Pixie Love is up.
Raven is an avid ATC-er and posted a cool set of planets in orbit on the Gallery.
She did not list a website, but perhaps she can show us some more of her ATC’s?

If you are planning to attend the Fourth Annual Encaustic Painting Conference in Montserrat you’d better hurry and sign up soon. Registration started on Jan. 15 and is now at 142 registrants…I had some trouble getting my fax through, but I did see my name on the list this morning. YEAH!
And I also saw several familiar Ning site names. Looking forward to meet you all. Closer to the date I’ll try and arrange a meeting of our attending Ning family members on campus.

Last time I mentioned the 2010 Encaustic Calendar I have for sale on LuLu.I did get my copy in this week and it really looks very nice. Good quality heavy paper and excellent printing (and my paintings don’t look bad either, hihi…)
Please take a look. If you like the calendar, please order it at Lulu.

That’s all for today: I have a lot of catching up to do after my time away…;-)

Happy painting,

Wednesday Ning Update: Jan. 06, 2010

January 6, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Wednesday of the new decade!
I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and are ready for a great year with encaustic.
Our first featured member of the year is Carole Glenn. She has been a member of the site since March last year and you can see her uploaded paintings here.
I like the variety of subjects and styles she shows and hope she will show us some more of her recent work. Her underwater scene with the little fishies is my favourite!

Last week I mentioned I would try to get some more tutorials up. The editing part is really quite time-consuming! And being the perfectionist I am never really satisfied  …;-)
But there are two more up now: Painting leaves on a stem and Painting a tree with the iron.
In the pipeline: Foliage with heat-resistant sponge and Bamboo. Don’t hold your breath, though!

Until next week.

Happy painting,

What did I do in 2009?

January 1, 2010

Inspired by Alyson Stanfield I decided to post my accomplishments of 2009. Not to boast, but out of complete bewilderment what can be achieved if you work 24/7 at what you love!


In 2009 I taught 8 daylong workshops in the South Okanagan and organized a number of Circle meetings and Super Circles.

One of them, on September 26, became my 5-year celebration party at Linden Gardens with more than 50 guests and Fiddle Frazzle playing some great tunes.

Apart from the monthly workshops I gave several studio classes and taught a weeklong workshop at the Summer School of the Arts in Penticton for the 5th year.

In line with the old my philosophy “get them when they are young” I was involved in two school projects this year: the two-day Naramata Elementary School Art Conference (with the appreciated help of Janet B. and Judy K.) and the l’Ecole Entre Lacs art project, together with Carol M.

Outside workshops took me as far as Whitehorse last year, with more local courses in Summerland and Naramata, where I taught 4 times in 2009.

I also traveled to Cache Creek (Tumbleweed Retreat), Port Moody, Williams Lake and Vernon (twice). The traveling is particularly nice now I’ve got Peter’s “old” Honda CRV, with lots of space, air conditioning and cruise control!

A short demo/class with the Potters Guild in Penticton was fun as well.

In August I organized a 3-day workshop with German Encaustic artist Anna-Maria Aigner. The workshop was fully booked and a great success.

For the Ning site I started to record short videos on different techniques to share with everyone. 4 have been completed so far, with several waiting to be edited.


Although I never seem to have enough time to devote to painting I did accomplish a few things:

My painting “Companions” was accepted and sold at the Federation Gallery in Vancouver and I entered “Night Flight” in the PAG Art Auction, with several bids before it sold.

This year the RipOff Artists again tackled a dead artist: Georgia O’Keeffe was the 3rd one, after Van Gogh and Klimt before her. Her painting “Pink Tulip” looked really good in encaustic.

I painted two flower paintings for the Oliver Fall Art show and one won 2nd prize.

In September I painted “The Barking Parrot”, inspired by a mural project, which unfortunately did not really get off the ground for Encaustic…but the painting turned out real nice!

I raffled off two of my paintings (“Autumn Leaves” and “Magnolias”) and was surprised at how many people joined in the fun.

And I now have about 20 paintings on Etsy, an online platform to sell and buy handmade items.

My new studio (our former rec-room) has been a tremendous asset and it feels great to work in there. It also accommodates up to 4 students for studio classes.


Right at the beginning of the year I challenged myself to become better at drawing and for about a month I drew a portrait almost every day. Great fun, saw good improvements and then slacked off…;(

In February I attended a 3-week long course with the Community Futures organization and learned a ton about marketing and finances.

Definitely one of the highlights this year was attending the Encaustic Conference in Montserrat, near Boston in June, where I met in person many of the artists I had been connecting with through email/internet. I learned so much from all these talented people and came home inspired.

Then, in October, I was so fortunate to also be able to go to the IEA Encaustic Retreat in California. Again, many interesting lectures and great networking.

Through my connection with IEA I had another learning experience; I was asked to join the Board and edit their monthly newsletter.

This year I also acquired many art- & marketing-related books and DVD’s and completed Reframe, a 4-week program to get organized and make better use of your time.

I also signed up for at least four regular email newsletters on art-related marketing, which inspire me every time I read them.

My latest learning experience has been editing my tutorial videos on an Apple computer.


Having neglected my newsletter for several months I started to use Constant Contact to revamp my newsletter and give it a professional look. (This was inspired by Linda Womack’s excellent newsletters.)

Since then I have written 12 editions, which now go out to more than 700 readers, with an average opening quote of about 50% and lots of great responses.

I revived the dormant Ning account: Encaustic – a hot topic, which resulted in more than 300 signed-up members. I now send out weekly broadcasts, where I feature one of the members, share interesting stuff and promote the store a bit.

Through IEA I am now considered an expert in connecting artists from N-America with my old European art friends.

And one of the most fun things was starting to write a blog, set up with the help of Annie M..

I wrote several articles for Cauterium, a German Encaustic newsletter, and a blurb for the Country Register.


My website and online store both got a facelift and often get raving reviews from visitors.

Several more stores and art teachers in Canada became sales points for Arts Encaustic supplies.

As mentioned Annie hooked me up with an Etsy store, where I offer some of the smaller works on paper.

In November I incorporated TwinLakes Encaustic Art, developed a new logo and got great marketing material printed at Vistaprint.

To get all those orders out in time I hired Chantal C. to help me a couple of hours a week; she has been a tremendous asset right from the start.

So now I have “on the payroll”: a lawyer, an accountant, a bookkeeper, a marketing assistant and an office/warehouse assistant….

I advertise in Art Avenue from the FCA and Country Register of BC., which helps me to reach many potential customers.


I am still very much involved with the Penticton & District Community Arts Council (Dream house Tour and organizing regular exhibits), Federation of Canadian Artists-local chapter (as their Treasurer) and the International Encaustic Artists (Board member and co-editor of the newsletter).

Some of the coolest people I met this year are Joanne Mattera, Brenda Peters, the many artists at the Conference/Retreat and all the Board members of the IEA.

Not really my accomplishment, but I am overjoyed at the engagement and upcoming marriage of our son Maarten. His fiancée is just a delight.

And last but not least: With the help of Maura/Isagenix I managed to lose 25+ pounds – just hoping I can keep it off in 2010!

Best thing that happened to me this past year:

Meeting all those great people at the Conference + Retreat, making me feel part of one large Encaustic family.

Plans for 2010:

Paint more, email less…;-))

Develop new workshops, travel all over BC to teach

Organize a great workshop with Linda Womack

Attend 2010 Encaustic conference

Contact other outside Encaustic artists to come and teach here

Record many more tutorials and share online

Finally write that book!

Thea Haubrich, January 1, 2010