Featured artist on Ning: Tina Elkins

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

This week’s featured artist is Tina Elkins. She has uploaded several of her beautiful Encaustic panels, incorporating fine line drawings. The images seem to float in the wax, stunning!
Be sure also to visit her blog.

My new 2010 calendar

2010 Encaustic calendar
I usually have one printed and you can order from me, but last year I got too many and was stuck with a bunch of them! Remember, I ended up giving them away to people who are on my email list.
Although that seemed like a nice gesture, it was a costly one…;-))
So this year I configured the calendar at lulu.com, where you can view it and then order, if you wish. I just ordered one myself, to see how the printing quality is, so hold your horses (mouse) before ordering yourself until I have some feed back for you on that!
Here is the 2010 Encaustic Calendar.

It’s almost Christmas, orders are still rolling in (I decided to leave the reduced price for the GetStarted! Kit Encaustic stand until after Christmas) and I even went to the post office this morning for an emergency overnight shipment!

One last thing: When you have ordered from me before you would have gotten one of my bookmarks printed with my art work. I just have made up 10 new ones, so next time you’ll be getting a fresh image:


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