Prayers for Peace Banner Project

In April 2008 I was invited by mixed media artist Carol Murphy from the States to participate in a cooperative project involving artists from around the globe.  The idea was to have 20 artists involved in the project and it was an invitation-only call to art.

In Carol’s invitation she stated:

This is NOT an anti-war demonstration by any means and hopefully won’t be viewed as such.  We all need a little peace in our lives; sometimes we forget to “take time to smell the flowers” so to speak. Maybe we are going through violence or turbulence in our homes or in our workplace. Maybe we see children suffering from violence and abuse overseas or even see it in our communities. Perhaps your life is just too hectic, multitasking, being everything to everyone but yourself.  Your flag should represent what peace means to you at this moment in time.

This also is NOT a religious “prayer flag” project although if you wish to incorporate “GOD” or any other religious reference please remember this project is dedicated to ALL people and all religions, all races, genders, and walks of life.

These peace flags are merely an artistic expression touching the lives of 20 different people from different backgrounds, with different calls to peace.

Each artist was invited to create 20 identical flags/pennants each,  (originals only), the size of each flag being 8 ½ inches at the top widest point and 11 inches long.

Along with our flag we were asked to write a short paragraph on how we chose our peace topic, colors, etc., and what it meant to us.

Prayers for Peace - Encaustic banner

For my Peace project I decided on painting a tree in front of a serene landscape.

I love trees! To me a tree encompasses strength, shelter, beauty, abundance and continuity, to name just a few.  I chose the painting card while it is light and easy to send.
The painting has been sealed with a gel medium to protect it from scratches.

Today I did display the 14 banners at our local art centre Leir House.

Shannon Sawyer

Susan Sorrell, Carol Stocker, Theresa Martin

Venita Hawkins

Frieda Oxenham, Carol Murphy, Thea Haubrich, Kara Klein, Lisa Renner

Participating artists were:

Lenna Andrews

Sarah Fishburn

Thea Haubrich

Venita Hawkins

Mylene Hillam

Kara Klein

Theresa Martin

Carol Murphy

Frieda Oxenham

Lisa Renner

Shannon Sawyer

Susan Sorrell

Carol Stocker

Helga Strauss


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5 Responses to “Prayers for Peace Banner Project”

  1. theresa Says:

    The display looks wonderful! Thanks for the link.

  2. susan sorrell Says:

    What a great way to display the banners!! I can’t wait to get mine. 😉
    cheers, susan

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  4. Carol Murphy Says:

    This is beautifull Thea! What a lovely tribute! Thank you so much to everyone who participated.

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    […] By encausticcanada The banners from the Prayers for Peace project have come down last month and they are all back in my studio. I realized I have 6 extra pieces of […]

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