Mid-December Update

Happy Holidays

It’s getting cold here now and as you can see I’m sporting a Santa Hat to keep warm!

I know the folks in Calgary would be laughing; compared with the extreme minus temperatures they are getting there our Okanagan is still balmy…;-)

This message comes a bit out of schedule, but I promise it will be short and hopefully of some use to you!

NEW: Gift Certificates!
How about this dilemma:

you want to surprise one of your friends, who loves Encaustic, but you do not know what kind of supplies she needs or if he’d like to sign up for one of my excitingworkshops.

The solution:
the TwinLakes Encaustic Art Gift Certificate!

It comes inserted in one of my beautiful high gloss art cards. There are fixed amounts in the shop, but when you email me you can chose the value yourself. If you want I can send it directly to your friend to save you time and money.

Hand-painted cards are always a wonderful way to send distant loved-ones a holiday greeting.I like this quick candle image. With a bit of practice they are easy to do and look like a million bucks!

Paint them on 4×3″ cards (half the size of the regular painting cards) and glue on the front of a double-folded piece of card stock (final size 4×5.5″).
You will still have room for a handwritten or stamped greeting.

I promise, if you send me one, I will send you one in return!


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