Featured artist on Ning: Bridget Busutil

Hello everyone and I hope you had a good Wednesday!

Our featured artist this week is Bridget Busutil. It says on her page that she lives in Barcelona and I envy her for that! Such a beautiful city…sigh.
Bridget has several of her paintings on the Ning site. My favourite is “Moon and Sun”. Be sure to also visit her website.

In the past week 11 new members signed up on my  encaustic Ning site!
To let you know what this “Wednesday message” is all about: every week I chose one of the Ning members and feature her or him on the main page. Look in the left-hand corner.
I send a message out to all my members with links to that particular person. It is a way to get to know each other and I usually have some other stuff to share with you at the same time.
PLEASE let me know if you would like to be featured; perhaps you have an upcoming art show or a workshop you would like to promote? Or just painted this fabulous painting and want some feedback? We have now 340 members: it’s a chance to get the word out. Even if I have already featured you before; don’t be shy!

Last week I promised to show you the design of the wedding invitation for my son’s wedding. Here they are: I’ve made 70 so far with the help of my Stampin’Up teacher and dear friend Sandi.

They have 2 little butterflies on them, punched out of Encaustic art work. I glued a small turquoise rhinestone to their bodies.

and this is going to be the insert – very romantic!

As I was waiting for Sandi to arrive I spotted a little deer outside my studio window. Isn’t he cute?!


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