Wednesday Ning Update

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

…it’s almost 8 PM here in B.C., so I just made it…;-)

Our featured artist this week is Anne Fraker. She has some gorgeous “tree root” paintings in her gallery here. And there is more on her blog A Fork in the Road.
On her website you can see a selection of her beautiful oils; well worth the visit!

The past week here was busy with more stuff around my recent incorporation of the business, meeting with the accountant and brainstorming about a tagline. 
This is what Katie and I came up with:…”igniting waxing passion”….What do you think?? 
I’ve included it in the banner of my website, which got a little colour face lift too.

Thursday night I had a booth at a community Christmas market with my wonderful friend Bethany, where I painted many small Christmas scenes, which I gave away to innocent bystanders. I let one girl have a go with my iron and her mother was so impressed she got one of my GetStarted! Kits for her for Christmas! 

And of course I could not resist buying one of Bethany’s stunning little paintings: 

It is still nicer in real life!

A little shop news: the GetStarted! Kits Encaustic are still on sale ($62.95 instead of $69.95) and the free shipping for orders over $100.00 has been extended until Dec. 20  (Voucher code: DEC2009)
For the undecided shopper: I have now fancy TwinLakes Encaustic Art gift certificates, inserted in one of my high gloss art cards. They can be used to pay for art materials or workshop fees. Email me for details.

Courses are winding down, the house is reasonably decorated, supplies have been ordered, so now I got a little time on my hands. Which is just as well, as I have to make 80 wedding invitations for my son’s upcoming wedding!
They will feature a tiny bit of Encaustic…will show you the design next week.

Happy painting!

P.S.: Please check out the blog entry I added today about ventilating your studio. It is an important topic!


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