September 2009

It’s raining a bit here in the usually sunny Okanagan and the weather is perfect for painting with hot wax! Which is what I will do after finishing this newsletter.
Exciting things have happened in the past few weeks: my trip to the Yukon, Anna-Maria Aigner’s workshop, an invitation to showcase Encaustic at our brand-new local Arts Festival, just to name a few. 

And preparations for my 5th. Encaustic anniversary partyare well underway. As an added bonus to the fun Liz Lupton, Ron Wall and Rosewitha Masson from Fiddle Frazzle will be performing.

Thanks so much for all of your positive reactions! I have 4 pages full of encouraging messages  from all over the world and already more than 25 people have said they would attend!

Please feel free to come on the spur of the moment: drop-ins are very welcome, even if we may run out of cookies…;-)

Beginning of August my husband and I traveled to Whitehorse in the Yukon, where I taught for 2 days.
What a fun bunch of ladies! Some even came for both days, although the courses were supposed to be the same. But they never are, of course, so I think they learned something new anyway!

If you’d like me to teach in your area, please get in touch or come to one of the workshops here in the Okanagan. See the course schedule on my website.

The Okanagan showed itself from its best side during the 3-day workshop with Anna-Maria Aigner from Germany. The weather was warm and sunny and we had a great view on the lake from the Kenyon House windows

Not that we had much time to relax in the sun….Anna-Maria had prepared an exciting program for us; with many examples of her work lining the room her teachings were a great inspiration to all.

She showed painting on canvas, painting card and watercolour paper, using embedding, incising, rubbing with oil pastels, printing on fabric, assemblage, mono printing, frottage, working with stencils and molding paste, image transfer…

Don’t you wish you were there…??

The new course schedule is up on the website! I know from experience that it will be susceptible to changes, as requests for outside workshops trickle in, but at least it’s a framework…
The ever-popular Hotplate workshop, which usually takes place in April, moved to September and I’ve tried to add some new topics.I’d love to feature another outside teacher like Anna-Maria again, perhaps in August. 
Please get in touch if you would like to teach in our beautiful Okanagan. We will welcome you with open arms…just ask Anna-Maria!  

For this section I’d like to highlight one of you each month. Please email me your favourite Encaustic painting. If possible with a short story.

This month’s painting, “Winter Scene”, is bySusanne Dannenberg. 
She uses milkpaints (made out of 100% natural earth and plant pigments) to colour her waxes as a way to avoid powdered or alkyd-suspended toxin pigments.

She lives in Victoria, B.C. and teaches classes in mixed media and encaustic.

Go to Susanne’s website





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