August 2009 – Updates

summer in the Okanagan means forest fire season and it has never been more obvious to me as this year, because due to blocked roads I had to make a detour 
twice within 3 days!

On July 18 I was teaching in Vernon as a fire broke out near Kelowna and HW 97 was closed. 
Instead of 6 PM it was 11 by the time I got home.

Then the Monday after I was cut off again after a small fire broke out along the highway south of us while I was at the reception for the RipOff O’Keeffe Week.

Encaustic means “to burn into” but this was a bit too close for comfort…

We now have an emergency kit sitting at the ready. Hopefully we will never have to use it!

My trip to Vernon on July 18 for a workshop at Nadine’s Fine Art & Framing was certainly a memorable one, not only because of some happy hours of teaching, but also because of the long time it took me to get home..;-)

I will be off to the Yukon to teach two Basic courses in Whitehorse and guest teacher Anna-Maria Aigner from Germany will come to OK Falls the last weekend of August.

If you’d like me to teach in your area,please get in touch or come to one of the workshops here in the Okanagan. See the course schedule on my website.

Happy faces after a week of fun and hard work recreating Georgia O’Keeffe’s Pink Tulip 
at the RipOff Artists project in Oliver. I’m the one standing on the left in the appropriate pink shirt…

I’ve uploaded a Picasa Web album with photos of the progress during the week and the final works of art.

My main website was in bad need of a new design. I’ve been putting it off, because the site has grown huge over the years, but I finally tackled it! Take a look and let me know how you like it.The online shop was difficult to navigate, as all items were in one long row. Now I have made categories and even a search function (top right corner). 
I wished I had made a better plan to begin with, but as I am totally self-taught in web design I guess I had to climb the learning curve…;-))  

For this section I’d like to highlight one of you each month. Please email me your favourite Encaustic painting. If possible with a short story.

This month’s painting is by Linda Swales. It was done  during the OSA weeklong course and painted with palette knifes and heat-resistant sponges on 8×12″ card. 
She only used the 3 primary colours.

Linda has been taking classes with me since I started teaching in Canada and has become a very dear friend.

Many of you were sad to hear that I would not get those nice outline stickers anymore, but now they’re back!

I have a wonderful collection in stock: Christmas, Asia, Wedding, Ornaments, Borders and more. 
They are $2.25 per sheet, or $19.95 for 10.

This 48 pages 6×6″ full colour booklet gives you tons of ideas to use the outline stickers. Text is in English, French, German and Dutch. ($14.95)

Unfortunately it is out of print and I have only a few left…



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