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Wednesday Ning Update, Dec. 30, 2009

December 30, 2009

This week’s featured Ning member is Leanne. She only just started with Encaustic, but look at her paintings! Her subject range is quite remarkable.

Unfortunately she did not list a website, but she shared with us that she works in many mediums…oil, acrylic, watercolour, metal, glass, soapstone, plaster.
It has been fun this past year to highlight one of you each week and I will try to continue to do so in 2010.

These days between Christmas and New Year (“zwischen den Jahren” as they say in Germany) my hubby finally had time to shoot some videos of a couple of techniques I promised I would show you.

The first one is up: Painting Candles and I will try to add a few more before life starts to get hectic again…;-)

“Happy New Year, gelukkige jaarwisseling, Prost Neu Jahr” to all of you!


Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

It’s a beautiful day in the Okanagan. No snow on the ground here, but I can see the snow-capped mountains from my studio window.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas, good company, good food and the invigorating smell of beeswax!

Hugs all around,


Featured artist on Ning: Tina Elkins

December 23, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

This week’s featured artist is Tina Elkins. She has uploaded several of her beautiful Encaustic panels, incorporating fine line drawings. The images seem to float in the wax, stunning!
Be sure also to visit her blog.

My new 2010 calendar

2010 Encaustic calendar
I usually have one printed and you can order from me, but last year I got too many and was stuck with a bunch of them! Remember, I ended up giving them away to people who are on my email list.
Although that seemed like a nice gesture, it was a costly one…;-))
So this year I configured the calendar at, where you can view it and then order, if you wish. I just ordered one myself, to see how the printing quality is, so hold your horses (mouse) before ordering yourself until I have some feed back for you on that!
Here is the 2010 Encaustic Calendar.

It’s almost Christmas, orders are still rolling in (I decided to leave the reduced price for the GetStarted! Kit Encaustic stand until after Christmas) and I even went to the post office this morning for an emergency overnight shipment!

One last thing: When you have ordered from me before you would have gotten one of my bookmarks printed with my art work. I just have made up 10 new ones, so next time you’ll be getting a fresh image:

Prayers for Peace Banner Project

December 21, 2009

In April 2008 I was invited by mixed media artist Carol Murphy from the States to participate in a cooperative project involving artists from around the globe.  The idea was to have 20 artists involved in the project and it was an invitation-only call to art.

In Carol’s invitation she stated:

This is NOT an anti-war demonstration by any means and hopefully won’t be viewed as such.  We all need a little peace in our lives; sometimes we forget to “take time to smell the flowers” so to speak. Maybe we are going through violence or turbulence in our homes or in our workplace. Maybe we see children suffering from violence and abuse overseas or even see it in our communities. Perhaps your life is just too hectic, multitasking, being everything to everyone but yourself.  Your flag should represent what peace means to you at this moment in time.

This also is NOT a religious “prayer flag” project although if you wish to incorporate “GOD” or any other religious reference please remember this project is dedicated to ALL people and all religions, all races, genders, and walks of life.

These peace flags are merely an artistic expression touching the lives of 20 different people from different backgrounds, with different calls to peace.

Each artist was invited to create 20 identical flags/pennants each,  (originals only), the size of each flag being 8 ½ inches at the top widest point and 11 inches long.

Along with our flag we were asked to write a short paragraph on how we chose our peace topic, colors, etc., and what it meant to us.

Prayers for Peace - Encaustic banner

For my Peace project I decided on painting a tree in front of a serene landscape.

I love trees! To me a tree encompasses strength, shelter, beauty, abundance and continuity, to name just a few.  I chose the painting card while it is light and easy to send.
The painting has been sealed with a gel medium to protect it from scratches.

Today I did display the 14 banners at our local art centre Leir House.

Shannon Sawyer

Susan Sorrell, Carol Stocker, Theresa Martin

Venita Hawkins

Frieda Oxenham, Carol Murphy, Thea Haubrich, Kara Klein, Lisa Renner

Participating artists were:

Lenna Andrews

Sarah Fishburn

Thea Haubrich

Venita Hawkins

Mylene Hillam

Kara Klein

Theresa Martin

Carol Murphy

Frieda Oxenham

Lisa Renner

Shannon Sawyer

Susan Sorrell

Carol Stocker

Helga Strauss

Mid-December Update

December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays

It’s getting cold here now and as you can see I’m sporting a Santa Hat to keep warm!

I know the folks in Calgary would be laughing; compared with the extreme minus temperatures they are getting there our Okanagan is still balmy…;-)

This message comes a bit out of schedule, but I promise it will be short and hopefully of some use to you!

NEW: Gift Certificates!
How about this dilemma:

you want to surprise one of your friends, who loves Encaustic, but you do not know what kind of supplies she needs or if he’d like to sign up for one of my excitingworkshops.

The solution:
the TwinLakes Encaustic Art Gift Certificate!

It comes inserted in one of my beautiful high gloss art cards. There are fixed amounts in the shop, but when you email me you can chose the value yourself. If you want I can send it directly to your friend to save you time and money.

Hand-painted cards are always a wonderful way to send distant loved-ones a holiday greeting.I like this quick candle image. With a bit of practice they are easy to do and look like a million bucks!

Paint them on 4×3″ cards (half the size of the regular painting cards) and glue on the front of a double-folded piece of card stock (final size 4×5.5″).
You will still have room for a handwritten or stamped greeting.

I promise, if you send me one, I will send you one in return!

Fourth Annual Encaustic Painting Conference at Montserrat College of Art

December 19, 2009

Registration for the Fourth Annual Encaustic Painting Conference at Montserrat College of Art will start January 15.

Check out the conference blog site to see the fantastic line-up of events which Joanne Mattera is presenting. New info will be posted there continuously, so be sure to check often.

I attended the conference last year for the first time and it blew me away! The level of expertise and sharing is second to none and I made so many new friends!
Here are some pictures from 2009:

Lunchtime at the conference

Demo by Eileen Goldenberg

Featured artist on Ning: Bridget Busutil

December 16, 2009

Hello everyone and I hope you had a good Wednesday!

Our featured artist this week is Bridget Busutil. It says on her page that she lives in Barcelona and I envy her for that! Such a beautiful city…sigh.
Bridget has several of her paintings on the Ning site. My favourite is “Moon and Sun”. Be sure to also visit her website.

In the past week 11 new members signed up on my  encaustic Ning site!
To let you know what this “Wednesday message” is all about: every week I chose one of the Ning members and feature her or him on the main page. Look in the left-hand corner.
I send a message out to all my members with links to that particular person. It is a way to get to know each other and I usually have some other stuff to share with you at the same time.
PLEASE let me know if you would like to be featured; perhaps you have an upcoming art show or a workshop you would like to promote? Or just painted this fabulous painting and want some feedback? We have now 340 members: it’s a chance to get the word out. Even if I have already featured you before; don’t be shy!

Last week I promised to show you the design of the wedding invitation for my son’s wedding. Here they are: I’ve made 70 so far with the help of my Stampin’Up teacher and dear friend Sandi.

They have 2 little butterflies on them, punched out of Encaustic art work. I glued a small turquoise rhinestone to their bodies.

and this is going to be the insert – very romantic!

As I was waiting for Sandi to arrive I spotted a little deer outside my studio window. Isn’t he cute?!

Wednesday Ning Update

December 15, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

…it’s almost 8 PM here in B.C., so I just made it…;-)

Our featured artist this week is Anne Fraker. She has some gorgeous “tree root” paintings in her gallery here. And there is more on her blog A Fork in the Road.
On her website you can see a selection of her beautiful oils; well worth the visit!

The past week here was busy with more stuff around my recent incorporation of the business, meeting with the accountant and brainstorming about a tagline. 
This is what Katie and I came up with:…”igniting waxing passion”….What do you think?? 
I’ve included it in the banner of my website, which got a little colour face lift too.

Thursday night I had a booth at a community Christmas market with my wonderful friend Bethany, where I painted many small Christmas scenes, which I gave away to innocent bystanders. I let one girl have a go with my iron and her mother was so impressed she got one of my GetStarted! Kits for her for Christmas! 

And of course I could not resist buying one of Bethany’s stunning little paintings: 

It is still nicer in real life!

A little shop news: the GetStarted! Kits Encaustic are still on sale ($62.95 instead of $69.95) and the free shipping for orders over $100.00 has been extended until Dec. 20  (Voucher code: DEC2009)
For the undecided shopper: I have now fancy TwinLakes Encaustic Art gift certificates, inserted in one of my high gloss art cards. They can be used to pay for art materials or workshop fees. Email me for details.

Courses are winding down, the house is reasonably decorated, supplies have been ordered, so now I got a little time on my hands. Which is just as well, as I have to make 80 wedding invitations for my son’s upcoming wedding!
They will feature a tiny bit of Encaustic…will show you the design next week.

Happy painting!

P.S.: Please check out the blog entry I added today about ventilating your studio. It is an important topic!

December Newsletter

December 10, 2009

How do you like my new logo?? And I subtly changed the company name from TwinLakes EncausticArt  in TwinLakes Encaustic Art Ltd.

Yes, we’re all grown-up now.  Hopefully the name and logo will become a household brand within the Encaustic community for great products, fast & friendly service and knowledgeable advice.  It feels like an early Christmas present for myself and I do have a few for you too!

At the last Circle Monday, December 7, several people made some more Christmas cards like the one here:

The “Dasher” image was stamped with permanent ink on painting card, then the scene was painted around and over it. Keep it simple!

The Circle Meetings are a means to meet with other Encausticer, try out new techniques, learn from each other, chat, exchange ideas etc. Everybody brings their own equipment and waxes.
Workshop info: More about Linda Womack coming to B.C.
As soon as last month’s Newsletter was send out people rushed to sign up to be part of this unique event and the workshop filled up within a week…. To try and avoid too much disappointment I asked Linda to consider teaching two 2-day classes and she agreed!
So now I still have a few spots open…Tentative dates are Sept. 9/10 and 11/12, 2010.To get into the mood I suggest you put  Linda’s book“Embracing Encaustic” on your Christmas wish list!

Featured Guest Artist: Maura Joy Lustig
For this section I’d like to highlight one of you each month. Please email me your favourite Encaustic painting. If possible with a short story.
This month’s painting, Serenity Pond, is by Maura Joy Lustig, a huge 32×64″ encaustic painting on a wooden panel. Maura told me it’s a commissioned piece and that she will deliver it to the happy owner this week.
Maura is a Success & Wellness Coach, fabulous Encaustic artist, one of IEA’s  presidents and general a force of nature! I’m proud to call her my friend and mentor. She lives in Ontario.

On the left is my latest painting, inspired by a local pub “The Barking Parrot”. It’s 18×24″ on a wooden panel and sports some real feathers and pieces of Japanese chiyogami paper.

Happy Painting, and I’m sure I will be talking to you before the Holidays!

November 2009

December 9, 2009

my birthday was mid October and my sweet hubby surprised me by finally giving up control of our rec room!
He moved the TV upstairs (and had to drill a hole in the side of the house for the antenna!) and there I am: with a beautiful BIG new studio!

My old space did not even have a window and look at the view now…It even has a bar and a fireplace!

The space has a great “feel” to it, so hopefully it will inspire some nice paintings and I will also be able to offer studio classes now.
Be sure to drop by when you’re in the area!

All art work from the third Rip-Off challenge is on display atHandworks Gallery in Oliver until November 26. 9 local artists created their own version of Georgia O’Keeffe’s famous Pink Tulip. My personal favourite is a gorgeous hand-knitted purse by Terry Irvine.

Former projects used paintings of Vincent van Gogh and Gustav Klimt. We will soon be deciding on next year’s “victim”…;-)

The painting at the left is providing a good clue…many of you will recognize Linda Womack’s unique painting style and yes, she just might come to the Okanagan to teach a workshop next year!
Linda is also the author of the wildly popular book“Embracing Encaustic”.
Featured Artist
For this section I’d like to highlight one of you each month. Please email me your favourite Encaustic painting. If possible with a short story.
This month it’s Chris Notley, who sent me this greeting card in the good old snail mail. It’s a stamped scene, enhanced with Encaustic. She is very good at it and has several other examples on my Ning site.
Chris is a wonderful advocate for Encaustic and proudly shows her work to her friends, who then become my customers!
Thanks, Chris!!

Last month’s Good Deal, with a free sticker sheet with every $25.00 purchase, was a big success.

I still have a good supply left though; they are great for making stunning Christmas cards.The stickers are CAD2.25 per sheet, or CAD19.95 for 10 and there are many other themes besides Christmas.  Here’s a link to a Picasa Webalbum with more examples.
My Encaustic calendar is a fundraiser here in the Okanagan. Every year I choose a different art project to benefit, either a local arts council or our regional gallery.I still have a few of 2009’s left. Perhaps someone would like to have one just for the pictures? They are all paintings of local Encaustic artists, which were on display in “Brilliant Moments II” in Penticton.

The calendar is free, but I’d need you to send me a self-addressed, stamped 9×12″ envelope.
Drop me a line and I will reserve one for you.